Art in a tech world

I think the only thing I’ve ever self-identified with is being an artist.

I mean I’m a bunch of other stuff as well: sister, daughter, girlfriend, tax-payer, sports fan, runner, college graduate…you get the idea. But as a child, an angst-y teen, and an adult one thing has always rang true to me, the want and desire to create art.

I read a blog post on NPR last week that summed it up nicely.

Boy Meets Painting

Now I don’t have a particular moment with one work like Mr. Krulwich describes, but I do know that feeling. You want to fall into the world of whatever is speaking to you. You’re inspired and want to create something yourself.

I used to think that if I read too much that I would have nothing to say myself since every story has essentially already been written. I didn’t pursue film studies for a similar reason (also, study of film kills the magic.) I’d write (bad) poetry for myself. I’d paint to my own standards (no black!). I took pictures.

Technology has always changed and influenced art. Finger painting is improved upon by brushes, tools changed sculpture and the printing press revolutionized the written word.

Modern naysayers are always lambasting change…no matter the era.

I live and work in the world of computers, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop and blogging. I love what I do but sometimes miss the pencil, the darkroom and writing in a notebook on a bench in the park. We tell ourselves that we can work anywhere (cellphones! laptops!!) but I find increasingly that where I choose to work is at a desk, in a climate controlled environment surrounded by (and looking into) artificial light.

The Renaissance artists are rolling over in their graves.

I can make excuses as to why I work the way I do. At work is pretty obvious, they want me there to do my work. But at home I’ve turned away from a lot of the things that have always made me happy, mainly drawing and painting. When I moved in 5 years ago I had grand plans of making the back room into an art space. I have so much art supplies and even small scale sketches of things I’ve been meaning to create for years. I recently bought gouache paints and yet haven’t made the time to actually create.

Maybe carving out time to create is something I should work on.

I remember when my mom decided to take piano lessons when I was in high school, or take up watercolor when I was in college. I think it’s kind of the same thing. Only instead of wanting to try brand new things I want to reconnect with old things.

Here’s to creating.

What’s another term for a bucket list?

I think everyone has things that they want to do or accomplish in their lifetime.  When I was small I sometimes worried that I wouldn’t get a chance to do them before I died.  Actually I think I thought of death a little too much when I was small.  Might have been the fear from a Catholic school upbringing but I’m still not sure…

Besides, the worries and wants of a child are vastly different than the ones of a 30+ year old.

I was very fortunate to have parents that traveled and wanted their children to be able to appreciate other cultures and walks of life.  I saw vestiges of the Old South and rode a horse in the surf on a balmy spring day in Costa Rica.  I was able to go on foreign language trips during high school and had experience staying with other families that spoke little to no English.  I went to and graduated from college.

My darling boyfriend took me on a hot air balloon ride (I’m obsessed with hot air balloons) and my sister and I ran a marathon last year.

That is a story I still need to tell.

Ultimately though I still have goals and aspirations.


I would like to:

See the Northern Lights and the Southern Cross.

Go skydiving.

See a taping of SNL.

Donate my hair to Locks of Love.

Visit the Legoland hotel and theme park (ditto the Harry Potter park).

Go to the St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training.

Dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Write a book.

Run a race in all 50 states (I’ve done 3).


I figure I’ve got a lifetime to do it.  Happy Humpday!

Twenty years later…

Somehow 1994 was 20 years ago

wow.  where does the time go?

Noted news items:

Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding was the big story a month before the Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

Kurt Cobain became part of the 27 club.

OJ Simpson and his white Bronco took us for a ride.

The Baseball strike!

The 25th anniversary of Woodstock happened.

NFL announced the Jacksonville Jaguars would be the leagues 30th franchise.

Michael Jackson married Lisa-Marie Presley.


It was a great year for movies:

The Shawshank Redemption

Pulp Fiction

The Lion King

Forrest Gump


Green Day – Dookie

Weezer – Blue Album

Jeff Buckley – Grace

Oasis – Definitely Maybe

Soundgarden – Superunknown

Live – Throwing Copper

The Notorious BIG – Ready to Die

The Dave Matthews Band – Under the Table and Dreaming

TLC – crazysexycool





My So-Called Life

Party of Five


SNL cast (93-94) Season 19:

  • Ellen Cleghorne
  • Chris Farley
  • Phil Hartman
  • Melanie Hutsell
  • Michael McKean (debut: March 12, 1994)
  • Tim Meadows
  • Mike Myers
  • Kevin Nealon
  • Adam Sandler
  • Rob Schneider
  • David Spade
  • Julia Sweeney


  • Al Franken
  • Norm Macdonald (debut: October 2, 1993)
  • Jay Mohr (debut: October 9, 1993)
  • Sarah Silverman  (debut: October 9, 1993)

This was also the year I moved from South County to West County, changed from a Catholic to a Public school, the only year I ever got straight A’s, the year I met my best friend Erin, and when I finally figured out contact lenses at about the same time I got braces (there are some awesome overlap pics though).

Also a special shout-out to Beau our family dog and hater of children, you came into our lives this year as well.

So many things from this particular year stick out to me like they were yesterday, not 2 decades ago.

Cheers 1994!  And here’s to the next 20 years.

The Yoga Bender

This year I didn’t really have a resolution, but a couple of days before the end of 2013 I received an email from a local yoga studio that caught my attention. Something to the effect of-

30 days for $30 // Join Southtown Yoga for the annual Yoga Bender to kick off the New Year!

I was curious.

Before Christmas I had already decided that I wanted to get back into yoga and try some new fitnessy things via Groupon/Living Social/30 day passes… This was perfect! I signed up and 2 days later Dwayne mentions that there is a new yoga studio going in the building next door. (Facepalm) I’ve lived here for 5 years and NOW there’s a yoga studio? C’est la vie.

I started the bender (with a hangover) on January 1st and have done yoga/meditation everyday since. I loved this experience. This studio is so welcoming and lovely, the teachers are all so-SO good and I met some awesome people there.

The End of Bender potluck is on Saturday and I’m really looking forward to it. Getting to chat and eat/drink with these people who I’ve only ever talked to in the time before class. Oh ya, there are prizes as well. One participant who did the entire bender will win a year of yoga, which would be so cool…but my expectations are managed. If you’re in Saint Louis and looking for a yoga studio I would definitely recommend Southtown Yoga in Lafayette Square.

Or you can always follow them on Instagram. @southtownyoga


(This is from their Instagram page FYI, but I’m in it!)

At the beginning of the bender my goal was:

• go all 30 days
• mermaid pose
• crow pose
• keep working on the headstand/handstand

I can proudly say I can do mermaid (both sides), crow (just figured it out 3 days ago!), bound extended side angle -also a bit of peacock and a not yet perfect standing sage. My chair pose is fierce and I love triangle, warrior 2 and dancer. I can forward fold like it’s my job and do a back bend again! I’m even working on my side plank sage (and/or little bird).

As much as I would love to be a member here it is not in the budget… But dropping in for classes is super affordable. $7 for a yogahour class, which I love.

This bender has been good for my body and soul.


a meandering tale… of football

You are strong and capable, with a willingness to wander–to adventure and to grow.

I like to believe that I am special.  Just like everyone else. (haha)  But truthfully, I struggle.  I struggle to make decisions.  Once I make a decision though, watch out!

Last year I went on a work trip to Denver.  When I’m on work trips I usually spend a decent amount of time by myself.  I like my own company more than most I think. (Excepting my stepfather.)  Spending hours in silence and in my own head allows for me to figure stuff out.  Or to get some reading time in.  I used to draw and paint.  Experiment with crafts.  Re-finish furniture.  Bake.  Spend hours only thinking in Spanish to see how long I could go.  I used to dream of Spain.  Of Tuscany.  Of San Francisco…

In Denver I went to the Bar-staurant in the same plaza as the hotel one evening to have an IPA or two (seriously, mile high beers are p-o-t-e-n-t).  A pre-season Broncos game was on.  I sat at the bar with a book and a beer surrounded by a sea of orange.  Mind you this was pre-season football, granted the 4th week and vs. the Cardinals, but still.  I LOVED IT.  The energy was electric.  The bartender was cheering with the patrons and high-fiving like a boss.  When the Broncos scored a TD, he gave out orange jello shots in plastic syringe shot thing. 


exhibit A

exhibit A

I’ve spent years trying to figure out football.  Okay, not figure out exactly… as my friend Stimmy puts it, “you get 4 tries to go 10 yards, what’s to get?” but rather, to get the  mass appeal of the war-like violent game.  Up until last year the sports I enjoyed watching included baseball, hockey, NCAA basketball, soccer and various Olympic sports.  I’ll watch some golf with the family, but it’s really quite boring. (I’m talking to you mom.)

All of the sudden *BAM* I got it.  No longer was the sport achingly painful to watch, I looked forward to it.  I came home from Denver a Broncos fan.

Needless to say I’m pretty excited about the Super Bowl.  Heck, I’m pretty excited about this year.


Here’s to 2014.


2013 was pretty sweet though…

I fell in love with 3 new cities.  (Atlanta, Kansas City & San Francisco)

I became a Broncos fan.

I ran a marathon.

I went to the beach with my baby.